$20,000 That Was Not Living Its Best Life a.k.a. It’s Not For Everyone

When I wanted to learn about real estate investing, or just developing a winning mindset in general, I looked for people who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve.

Why reinvent the wheel right?

We only have so much time. That is why it is so important to compress timeframes. One way to do that is to pay for coaching. Now I am going to say something that is going to shock some people in my industry.

Not everyone should buy coaching.

You’re probably thinking “Wait a second! Isn’t coaching the fastest way to get to where you want?”


Isn’t coaching a way to avoid traps and pitfalls by having an experienced guide?


“So how come it is not for everyone?” you ask.

Two reasons. The first reason is you have to be coachable. People waste their money all the time by paying for coaching and then judging the coach or methods because they are unwilling to make a change.

The second reason is they pick the wrong coach. You would not hire a basketball coach to teach you soccer, but this happens all the time. Like 90 percent of the time (and it’s probably even higher). Let me share with you a story that will help it make sense.

We spent a lot of money on Rich Dad Poor Dad coaching and products. It was worth every penny because it helped us to get to where we wanted to go (and beyond where we thought we could go).

When we decided to buy a property in Florida we planned to follow the same path. Find someone who had done what we wanted to do already and pay them money to help us. It worked once, it had to work again.

We came across this group of investors in Florida where people were paying $50,000 to be part of this mastermind group. It had to be legitimate if people were paying this much only for admission.
The fee was only for access. You had to meet with the members to craft your own deals. It made sense, however, if we were paired up with legitimate investors so we started to investigate.

We spoke with a woman who had money invested in a deal but did not really know what was going on with her money.

She could not give a straight answer to our questions. It was as if she had very little interest in what was happening with her $20k. That money was not living its best life!

When I was researching the head guy I came across this video of him selling storage facilities. It was a totally different business model. Another stream of income for him to be sure.

It looked like his life revolved around selling programs, not doing real estate himself.

Now, I have no problem with entrepreneurs having multiple streams of revenue. It’s actually a strategy that I teach.

I also do not have a problem with people not making real estate their life.

But when I want to learn something I want to go to a person who LIVES it.

I do not want a dabbler.

We did not pay the $50k. We went a different direction. We kept looking.

When we could not find the person who could teach us how to transform our lives by buying property in Florida, as U.S. foreign nationals, my wife and I became those people.

We live the Snowbird Investor lifestyle. That is what makes us qualified to teach it.  

We are looking for people who are looking for us.

Again, YOU don’t have to totally commit to the Snowbird Investor lifestyle, but if you want to learn how to launch a Florida property investing business as a foreign national, you should learn from people who live the dream.

You have an opportunity to do that by launching your Florida property investing business. Take the free training by clicking below. 

About Coach Roel

Roel Sarmago is one of the world’s leading financial life coaches. He is also a professional speaker, successful real estate investor, active trader and passionate palm tree hugger. Roel has worked with thousands of people helping them find their hidden wealth. Roel’s unique approach to personal finance will revolutionize the way you look at your money.

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