Cash Is Not Even A Prince

Like you, I listen to music too. And, you may or may not be as big of a Prince fan as I am, but he was a giant in the record business.

I like learning about successful people in any industry.

Did you know that when he died there were so many songs recorded in his vault that his estate could release a record every year?

For a century!

Think about that for a second. The man created enough music to put out albums until everyone alive right now is gone.

When he passed away he did not have a will so his estate was split up among a bunch of different people (there is a lesson there for a different time).  

Up to this point, there has been a big resistance against releasing these hidden songs to his fans.


Well, there is always this idea that wealth must be preserved. So the estate saves the songs, hoping that they appreciate in value. They must believe that saving is a way to prosperity.

They are not alone. The savings approach is a one-size-fits-all solution preached by most, if not all, financial gurus and influencers.

As they say, “cash is king”, right?

Is it though?

Money isn’t even really money anymore.  If you get down to it, it is a promise from the government that it is worth something. It is not backed by anything anymore.

Just words. And those words definitely do not make a song. Only promises from a government. Is it a good idea to rely on a bunch of empty promises as your path to freedom?

Regardless of what you think of the government does this seem like something you want to bet your future on?

If you have a bunch of money sitting in the bank, is it doing anything for you? Are Prince’s unreleased songs doing anything for anyone?

Nope. They are just sitting there collecting dust.

Cash is not king. It isn’t even a prince.

Think of all the wealth that they would create by music being released year after year. I am not just talking about money either. Think about how the man’s legacy would just get bigger and bigger.

His sister gets it. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said:

“Prince always wanted people to hear his music. How dare I not do what this man broke his back to do all his life? There would be no way that I let one note of his music not ever be heard. I would not allow that museum to never open and not let people see what he envisioned. That man put this mess in motion and I won’t get off this planet until he gets every single solitary thing he worked so hard for and preserved for all of the world to hear.” Tyka Nelson – Prince’s sister and owner of ⅙ of his estate.

If she gets her way her brother’s fame will only grow and grow.

What about your legacy? Are you using your money to be the star of your own story? Or are you letting it collect dust? Are you a prisoner of The Savings Myth?

I teach my students ways to smash this thinking to bits.

So that their star can continue to rise.

Isn’t that something you want for yourself? For your family?

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