I Was Playing The Wrong Game The Entire Time

“Why’re you home so late?” My wife asked me.

This is not a question a man wants to hear under any circumstances. I had an excuse but not an explanation.

My excuse was that there was an accident on the highway.  When I drove to a 9:00 pm appointment everything was OK on the roads.  On the way back there was a horrific accident and it took me hours to get back. It was after midnight.  My whole body ached from fatigue.  

It was not only from working all day.  

It was not only from the constant grind of the stress of being a successful financial planner.

Those were all more excuses.

The explanation was hard to face.  I didn’t want to talk about it, but something that night made me go further.

My wife accepted my excuse bleary-eyed. I knew that she supported me working so hard for the family.
Could she support me even further than that?

Instead of going straight to bed, I poured my heart out to her:  

“I’m miserable at work, honey, and I’m tired. I’m tired of being miserable and I don’t want to be a miserable husband and I’m scared I’m going to be a miserable father one day if I keep this up. Please, can I quit? I’ve given it more than a year. I tried to make the best of it, but I just can’t do this anymore.”

I could not hold those feelings in anymore.  I think she was surprised at my honesty.  You see, I can work like a machine.  No complaints. Just put my head down and go until everyone else quits.  It wasn’t the work that was the problem.

It was that it did not give me what I was promised.

I was sold the dream that once my financial planning book of business got big enough I could have “work-life balance.”

That was a lie.

The company always wanted more.  The ultimate conclusion of that game would cost me everything.

I did not want to lose my wife.  I did not want to alienate my future children.

We talked a little bit more until finally, she said:

“Okay. So, go ahead and quit.”

So I did. It wasn’t easy but there was one thing that I did that changed everything. I created a crystal clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like.

My wife gave me the gift of time to figure that out–along with her blessing and emotional support.

(I will always be indebted to her for that. But, then again, she does live a pretty sweet life with me and the kids in Florida now, so….)

Are you clear on what you want for your life, but more importantly the process to attain it?

I may not be able to give you the gift of time, but I can give you the gift of clarity on how to accomplish your real estate goals, as well as the gift of blind faith that “yes, you can!”.

Have you had enough of the “traffic jams” of life to take action?  Nothing is going to change until you force yourself to go in a different direction.

I can’t wait for you to feel just like I did when I created the exact life I wanted.  There is nothing in the world like that feeling.

I can’t wait for you to tell me about it.

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