I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday for A Hamburger Today

There is a lot of wisdom in classic cartoons. They were signs of the times when they were in. Sometimes, though, they have a bit of wisdom stuck in there that can help us today.

Case in point.

I was on a company trip when I was in financial services. They made us bunk up with a colleague to save money.

Quick side note: Your company only cares about money. Not you. But I digress.

So we are on this work trip and my coworker asks:

“I forgot all my credit cards. Can you spot me? You know I’m good for it.”

This seemed very weird. How did you even get here without any money? Now I know this guy, but I have learned that people’s lives can be very different outside the confines of work.

This situation made me think of the classic Popeye cartoon. Our spinach-eating strong man had a friend that was always hungry named Wimpy.

Wimpy liked to eat. A lot. The only problem was that he never had any money. So he was always asking for cash. So much so that he had a song with the refrain . . .

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Out of all the episodes of Popeye, I never saw Wimpy pay once. Ever. With this in mind, I agreed to foot the bill for my friend, but I had zero expectation of getting repaid.

At the end of the trip, he said he wanted to pay me in Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin?” I said. “What is that?”

Now, this is back when only the early, early adopters had crypto currency. So he took out my phone. Downloaded a crypto wallet for me, and paid me $15 worth of Bitcoin, with the message “bitcoin cherry, popped”.

Over time that crypto grew to nearly  “$18,500.” Woohoo! I had 18k! Or did I?

Crypto is a lot like how people view home equity as a form of cash. (Definitely not in function though. Its value is not pegged to anything other than consumer sentiment).

People love to talk about equity in their homes. Many people claim to be millionaires.  But are they?

Are they liquid? Do their homes cash flow for them? This is part of The Home Equity Myth that I talk about in my book.

If you are house-rich, but cash-poor, are you actually rich?

Now you may not be like my co-worker or Wimpy, but are you living your best life? The life of your dreams?

Just like the crypto I had, home equity is just a number. It goes up. It goes down. But remember, there is market risk all over the place.

Am I saying home equity is bad?


What I am saying is that money is energy. And, like energy, money needs to move. If you hoard it in your house, it stagnates. And one thing is for sure.

All that hard work that went into earning it is not moving you closer to your dreams. It is stagnating.

Are your dreams stagnating as well?

Here is another thing about money. It is attracted to speed. How fast are you moving toward the life that you want?

Your Investor Friend in Florida,

Coach Roel

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