Someone Gave Me $50K Sight Unseen

One of the members of my Elite Inner Circle paid me $50,000 USD for a program that I was doing without even knowing what it was about. He said, “Whatever you are doing down there in Florida, I want to be a part of it”.

Now I have known him for a very long time. The trust factor is high and we have had previous successes together.

However, when we started many years ago he was probably a lot like you. Unsure how to start.
He knew how to work hard and wanted success in the worst way. He had an interesting skill where he could fix anything.

Doing the actual work on houses to renovate them into rentals was not going to be the problem. My friend could not find a way to move forward.

He was stuck on what to do next.

You see he had everything he needed to succeed. The desire. A willingness to learn. But he was doing something that almost all dreamers do.

Waiting for the “right” moment.

There was the mantra that he would repeat to me over and over.

“If I just had the money.”

Some people have the money, but not the knowledge. Others have the skills, but not the money. They may think that their problems are unique.

They aren’t.

It’s not the money or the lack of skills. It is “the waiting to act”.

It is the speed of action that attracts money.

I finally got my friend to understand that he had to position himself to investors. Present them an opportunity, so they could take action through his skills.

He got the money (rather easily I might add) and the rest is history.

Gurus talk a lot about mindset and how important it is. It is an easy word to throw around. Same with motivation. Same with affirmations.

They all revolve around trying to fix the same thing.


It is a killer of financial life. Here is another way to look at it. Lots of people think that to be wealthy you have to have a high net worth.

The idea is that if I can say I am worth $10 million then I have made it.

In my book, I call it “The Net Worth Myth”.

What if you were worth a lot less but had properties that cash flowed every single one of your expenses?

You could spend time with your kids or family and do whatever you wanted. Isn’t that a form of wealth?

You don’t need a mantra, or affirmation, or even a super aggressive mindset. You only need the right vehicle and the skills to apply it.

There are ways you can structure your financial life, so that you can get what you want before you have some arbitrary number in the bank.

It is a skill.

One that I teach.

Do you want to learn it like my friend who started with just a dream and now is part of my inner circle?

Your Investor Friend in Florida,

Coach Roel

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