Snowbird Investor Club's Specialist Panel

Justyna Mueller, CPA

Cross Border Tax Expert

Justyna Mueller, a certified public accountant in the state of Florida, has numerous years of experience assisting clients with accounting, tax planning, and tax compliance. Her focus is on the hotel industry, offshore reporting, taxation of foreign individuals and corporations who invest in the United States, and taxation of U.S. citizens working abroad. She also works extensively with real estate owners and investors, startup companies, and entrepreneurs and serves as an integral member of the Real Estate Services Team.

Justyna has worked with clients in Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, Albania, Croatia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahrain, and the UAE. Her efforts have resulted in strong professional connections with accountants throughout the world, furthering her knowledge of international taxation advising. She often assists companies that are entering the U.S. market from overseas; her work with them includes tax planning that considers both international and U.S. taxation and helping them create U.S. subsidiaries of their foreign companies.

Justyna currently serves on the board as the Vice-Chair for the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants. She is also a member of the Hotel and Lodging Association of Volusia County and the Daytona Beach Young Professionals Group.

Kurt Warner

Deal Analysis & Off-Market Commercial Deals

Kurt began his Real Estate investment journey with JFK Properties in 2018. After spending 8 years trading stocks, options, and forex, as well as a failed attempt on his first deal in 2007, Kurt has become an instrumental part of the success of JFK Properties.

Along with his two business partners, Kurt has focused his attention on multi-family and commercial properties in Northern Ontario. Kurt’s strengths are his ability to analyze properties, uncover opportunities, his calm demeanor, and his willingness to go after any deal that makes sense, regardless of the size.

Despite only being in his 40s, Kurt is a proud father to three boys, has a grandson and a granddaughter. His goal is to create a legacy that his family can carry forward for generations to come and do it all while working on a beach in a tropical paradise.

Wai-Ke Kim

Canadian Personal Finance

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Elizabeth Carrera, CPA, CA

Remote Power Team Management

Elizabeth Carrera is a Canadian CPA and the founder of Real Wealth Capital Partners, a full- service real-estate investing firm.

Elizabeth believes that real estate investing isn’t just for the rich-it’s one of the best ways to achieve financial security and the freedom to live life on YOUR terms.

She started her real-estate investing journey by devoting her time and resources into numerous hours of training, education and mentorship, and purchased her first investment property in 2018.

She has closed on 14 units within the past 4 of years and since most of her portfolio is in an area several hours from where she lives, her expertise lies in being a successful and resourceful out-of-town investor.

Elizabeth’s experience with multi-family properties, conversion projects, flips, private lending, seller financing, RRSP mortgages, and other creative financing strategies, allow her investment partners to benefit from building wealth through real-estate investing, without the hassles of being a landlord or managing the day-to-day operations.

Elizabeth is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with members on how to effectively build and manage their Power Teams remotely and to guide members on how to become successful out-of-town investors, so that they can run their properties from anywhere in the world, all while collecting monthly income.

Rosa Osterling

Life Coach

Rosa Osterling has over 20 years’ of experience in personal development. She has worked with some of the top influential leaders around the world. She developed strong leadership, interpersonal, and sales experience when working in the seminar industry for over 17 years. Rosa followed her passion for seeing please grow and an even deeper love for building lasting relationships with all the people she interacted with such as her team and her clients that she has had the privilege to work with. Some of the most recent experiences include working as a Results Coach for Robbins Research International, an Impact Coach for Industry Rock Star, as well as Sales Operational Manager for the Canadian division for Legacy Education managing top brands which included Rich Dad, Poor Dad with Robert Kiyosaki where she developed sales teams and speakers.