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Did you know that the CRA does not recognize a lot of U.S. entities regardless of their legal status in the U.S.? Most of the research you find online is for U.S. citizens investing in the U.S. He can guarantee you that if you follow those structures (if you’re NOT a U.S. citizen or a green card holder), you’ll have a hard time with the CRA.

In this workshop section, Coach Roel will talk about all the appropriate and relevant U.S. entities and their complex mechanisms for non-US Residents and Canadian Nationals. Again, this module is designed to save you as much time and effort as possible, so you can replicate the system without worrying about the CRA.

Coach Roel will be sharing all the secrets of how he successfully structured his cross-border U.S assets and fulfilled his tax obligations. He has done all the work for you, interviewed a lot of tax professionals, and banged his head against the wall so that you can save time. 

His main goal is to give you a structure that is above board and allows you to sleep better at night, knowing that your cross-border assets are protected. It is crucial to get this right the first time around in order to save yourself a lot of frustration down the road.

Ask any U.S. banker how to get better rates as a non-US/Canadian National and see what they say. They’ll all start by telling you to get a Social Security Number and then slowly build up your business credit. Then, ask them how you can go about getting a Social Security Number and you’ll be met with a blank stare. But what if he told you that there’s a better way around it – build your personal and business U.S. credit profiles – even BEFORE you step onto U.S. soil?

With the strategies he shares in this workshop, you’ll learn how you can build multiple business credit profiles, non-recourse business credit, as well as personal credit all at the same time. It’ll be the fastest way for you to start getting rates similar to a local.

Not many people focus on their legacy when working hard to create a significant cross-border empire. But it is prudent to structure your assets as tax-efficiently as possible from an Estate Planning point of view right from the get-go. 

This section of the workshop is designed to look ahead so that you can pre-plan your U.S empire for the benefit of the next generation. He’ll be sharing a few different models of how the wealthiest of the wealthy structure their assets, taking full advantage of existing U.S laws when they pass on.

There are more than half a dozen visa options for you to choose from. They all have their pros and cons. But if you are planning to stay stateside without worrying about the default time limit of your stay, there are a few that are better than the others. 

He’ll take the guesswork out of the equation with this module, as he has spent a lot of his own money talking to various immigration consultants so that you don’t have to. He’ll discuss several of the most relevant U.S Visa options available to Canadian and other U.S. foreign nationals and which are the best given your requirements.

As Canadians, the CRA requires you to disclose all your worldwide income. Therefore traditional tax havens are out of the question. But very few Canadians realize that if their cross-border assets are appropriately structured, the U.S is quite literally their best tax haven, especially the state of Florida. 

In this module of the workshop, he’ll give you all the secrets he has learned the hard way as a Canadian real estate investor in the U.S. He’ll go over the US-Canada bilateral tax treaty in-depth and teach you how you can leverage that to your advantage–LEGALLY!

Most of the popular advice you have been taught about money and wealth creation are wrong. How do I know this? Because when I was practicing as a  traditional Certified Financial Planner for over 8 years in Canada, I used to perpetuate these myths thinking that I was helping people “pay down their debts” and  “save for retirement”. 

In this module, you will learn why you can’t save your way to wealth, why cash is NOT king, and why traditional retirement is a myth. The truth is, there are several ways to achieve “financial freedom” that your banker doesn’t want you know about. And it largely depends on your understanding of how money really works… as well as thinking “outside the box”. 

I will share with you my secrets for achieving financial freedom. You will formulate your personal plan with the support of me, personally, and my alumni-student strategy coaches on-site, so that you too can retire ridiculously early and live your best life now, rather than “someday”.

Total Value = $9,994 USD

Today and For a Limited Time, Just:

$997 USD

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