Schedule your 30-minute Snowbird Investor Application Interview via Zoom. A $97 USD application fee applies. Fully refundable if we are not a good fit. 
“No-shows” or cancellations less than 24 hrs in advance are non-refundable.

This is for you if:

1. You need:

  1. Education and expertise about investing in the land of sun, sand, and palm    trees – Florida!
  2. Remote property management strategies.
  3. Assistance in selecting the right Florida market.
  4. Potential for higher returns and diversification.
  5. Lifestyle and financial freedom.
  6. Overcoming challenges in the Canadian market.
  7. Networking and support.

And wants to:

  • Understand the factors behind the trend of wealthier individuals moving to Florida.
  • Learn how to become a cross-border Snowbird Investor.
  • Discover lucrative secondary markets in Florida.
  • Master remote property management for Florida investments.
  • Choose the best Florida market for investment.
  • Access expert guidance from Coach Roel and the Snowbird Investor support team.
  • Capitalize on financial advantages in the Florida market.
  • Comprehensive course covering all aspects of launching a Florida property investing business.
  • Leverage the Snowbird Investor community’s experience and success in real estate.
  • Create  a flexible lifestyle with winters spent in Florida.
  • Redefine retirement and achieving personal goals.
  • Potential for prestige and social status as a Canadian investor in Florida.

2. Struggle with:

  1. Rising real estate prices in Canada, U.K. and other countries outside the U.S.A.
  2. Bidding wars for properties.
  3. Government-mandated rent controls.
  4. Negatively cash-flowing properties.
  5. Antiquated tenancy laws.
  6. Limited investment capital.

3. This is not for those who

  1. Aren’t interested in investing in Florida real estate.
  2. Don’t prioritize managing properties remotely or a specific lifestyle.
  3. Prefer traditional financial services or has different investment strategies.
  4. Aren’t interested in networking, contributing to a community or ongoing support.
  5. Aren’t seeking alternative investment opportunities or higher returns within Florida.
  6. Don’t prioritize the prestige or social status of owning Florida properties as an international investor.

4. Memberships are open for those who have, or are:

  1. Accredited Investor status, as defined in National Instrument 45-106 of the Canadian Income Tax Act;
  2. Owner of a business that has generated the equivalent average of $1,000,000 USD gross revenue or more over the 2 most recent fiscal years;
  3. Currently owns 2 or more rental properties that were creatively (non-traditionally) financed; or,
  4. An exception may be granted based upon equivalent relevant experience, recent investor training, coachability, ambition, and financial capability.

If Accepted, You Will

Join the Snowbird Investor Club

  1. Lifetime Access to pre-requisite video courses: “Florida Property Funding Blueprint” and “Florida Market Research and Deal Analysis.”
  2. Bootcamp and Quick Start Roadmap: Intensive workshop to kick-start your Florida property investing journey.
  3. Have weekly support calls: Small group sessions with student alumni coaches for personalized guidance.
  4. Essential Contracts and Addendums Bundle: Downloadable templates for making remote offers on Florida properties.
  5. Cross-Border Tax and Asset Protection: In-person Masterclass to ensure compliance with tax and asset protection strategies.
  6. Snowbird Investor Private Facebook Group: 12-month access to a networking group of like-minded investors.

As a Club Member You Will Learn:

  • Finding The Money To Fund Your Florida Deals
  • Over 12 Traditional And Creative Financing Strategies
  • Virtually Unlimited Tax-Free Money Sources
  • Economic Reports For The Top Florida Investment Markets
  • How to Choose YOUR Ideal Florida Market
  • How To Build A Local Florida Power Team
  • How To Access Florida’s Shadow Real Estate Market Of Below-Market Value Properties
  • Get A Steady Flow Of Off-Market Deals Sent To You

As a Club Member You Will Learn:

Why Choose Snowbird Investor for Your Florida Property Investing Business:

Take the leap with Snowbird Investor and make your Florida property investing dreams a reality.