The Battle Between Action and Caution

I have always been a quick starter.  Basically what that means is that I am inclined to take action.  It has been in my DNA ever since I was young.

Let me tell you a story to prove it to you . . .

When I got out of the university, some friends and I decided that we wanted to start a magazine (Yes, I am dating myself telling this story lol).  Anyway, we wanted to call the publication “BrownSugar Magazine”, which was later renamed “Brownscene Magazine”.  

Why? Because this was the early days of the internet and we underestimated the importance of having the “dot com” of your business name.

Our URL at the time? How terrible was that??

Little did we realize that the “dot com”, as in, was already a thriving porn site dedicated to women of colour.

But, I digress…

It was going to be all about Filipino culture with a calendar of events and style sections, that sort of thing.  Our tagline was going to be “Urban Filipino Cool”.

(Not the best marketing, but we were young and it was our first try at business)

There was one small problem with our amazing business idea.  We had no money to launch!

It wasn’t like today where you can whip up an information product out of thin air backed by a Facebook campaign.  

There were serious barriers to entry to the media game back then.

Most people would have quit right there.  There would have been lots of reasons to do so.  We had no experience publishing a magazine for one.  But we asked ourselves a very simple question.

What CAN we do?

We were brainstorming some ideas and then someone said let’s throw a launch party!  We would charge for entry and coat check (It is cold in Toronto!), and then use those funds to pay for printing the magazine.

We found a bar that had a slow Friday night and we promised them a crowd.

We started publicizing it and promised the crowds that the media would be there.

We promised the media it would be the social event of the season!

These three promises created a synergy that was unbelievable.  There was so much hype about this launch party that all of Toronto was abuzz!!

There was this small little problem. We had no magazine.  We asked the same question:

What can we do about it?

We got to work and composed the first issue.  We designed a cover and blew it up into several huge posters on foam core backing to display for the party.  

We contacted a printer and got a quote for our first issue.  The plan was to take the money from the party on Friday and pay the printer on Monday morning.

You see, when you take action good things seem to happen.  

We did not let the fact that we had no money or magazine stop us.

We took action.

It is a natural thing for me to do that, but if it’s not for you don’t worry.  Here is the good news.

It is a skill you can develop.

What can you do about it?

Just take one step toward your dreams. And then another. It is simple enough, but most people won’t move forward unless they are “sure”.  

But, as you know, there are no sure things in life.

Can you take action on your dreams?

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