The Case Of The Missing Magazine

“Oh, so you’re the guy!” The manager yelled at me over the phone.  Okay, he didn’t quite yell as much as it was an exasperated exclamation.

When you run a large record store like Tower Records in downtown Toronto, your day is a litany of problems that need to be solved. This means that you don’t like it when a stranger adds to those challenges without you knowing why.

You see this poor guy has been fielding questions from 30-40 people a day coming in and asking him to buy “Brownscene Magazine”, which he had never heard of before.  

This wasn’t really the manager’s fault, because at that point it did not exist yet!

If you missed last week’s email, my friends and I threw a very successful launch party for a magazine that had yet to be printed.  We did not have the money to launch, so our plan was to charge at the door and coat check to come up with the printing costs.

There was media at the party who had asked me where the magazine was going to be available to buy and I blurted out Tower Records.

Not because I had a deal with them or anything, but because the store had a section in the basement where anyone could put grassroots publications–called “‘zines”– up for sale on their shelves on consignment.  There was no vetting process. You just dropped a stack of them off and hoped for the best that they would have a cheque waiting for you the next time you dropped in.

When you take massive action you don’t have to “hope for the best”, because the universe, or God, or the laws of nature always reward it.


Now it may not be in the exact way you think. And this is not to say that there aren’t going to be wrinkles.

Case in point.

The printer did not print copies over the weekend, so even though we made the money and paid, the magazine was not ready until the day I made the call.

(back to the enraged manager)

I apologized profusely and said I will be right down to the store.  I grabbed a box of 100 ‘zines and raced down there, placed them on the rack, and stared at the magazine.

I had done it.  Created a dream from nothing with just action.
But I didn’t do it alone.  My friends were a big part of the project.  Their support was the reason the magazine got published.

(That support still matters to me today many years later).

It is a fact that we can accomplish more together than we can apart.

This is why the community I have created for people to “Live their dream Florida lifestyle” is so important.  Not only does it compress time frames for people, but it helps to keep them going when life throws them curveballs.

You can chase your dreams on your own.

Or you can achieve them with the support of like-minded people who have “been there and done that” like yours truly.

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